Up bright and early at the Upper Three Creeks Sno-park
Morning coffee amidst the ski pile
6 people, 4 days, one giant sled of stuff
Laura saddles up
A 250 horse open sleigh
There is definitely some snow up here! We had to continuously dig the yurts out during Friday's storm
How can you tell that this vault is wise? Because of the amount of snow on the roof!
We filled up on fuel and went out to have fun
Powder awaits, let's get a move-on!
Another thousand feet, and a perfect spot for our test pit
Last pitch, let's go skiing!
Big lines this morning
Up for another lap
Up up and away
Tom scouts the hero line through the couloir
Steph follows in style
Rachel heads for open shores
Andy screams down the big end
Thanks to Andy and Steph for splitting all the sauna logs
Yurt dance party
I think I finally found my power animal!
Up and at em early Frday morning. Storm a-rollin in today!
Here's the snow and the wind. Andy is still happy :o)
Rachel is ready for more
Post lunch naptime as the storm rages on
Farming lines with Tom
Rachel leaps in
Rachel hucking a stump
Last tree run of the day
I think this is a Snow Owl
Good morning Icicles!
Two feet of freshies
Powder hungry fiends
Tom is a trail breaking machine
Gorgeous fresh blanket over positively everything, there were 10 tracks in this bowl yesterday!
Sun pokes up over the rim. Does this count as dawn patrol?
Up for another lap
Andy and Steph diggin it
Sol rips it
Sol shreds the gnar-gnar
Andy rips some sweet tele turns
How big was tha powder today? This big!!
Farming lines on the Jelly Roll
Steph graces us with textbook tele turns
Tom screams in between two lines
Andy buried in freshies
Steph our resident telebetty
Evening stretches
Up early again, let's get back at it
Oh what a beautiful morning. The pow is as high as an elephant's eye and it looks like it's climbin' clear up to the sky!
Fields of white
Huge lines down the proboscis today
Heading up East Peak
Quick turns down the Playground Saddle
Andy delights in Lost Hat bowl
Last steep tree run of this trip, we're gonna miss you!
Puffy fight!
Andy and Steph mush this trip
Our return chariot
Group photo, all smiles!
Sol takes charge of the stagecoach