A group of wandering nomads happens up on Lava Point
Mel gets right to it
Andy handles a stylish belay
Clay enjoys the sunshine
Steph cranks the overhang...
...then rocks the crux
Mel effortlessly clips the next bolt
Steph raches for the sky
Clay takes the sharp end
What goes up must come down
Yours truly with a blinding relead
Soaking up some rays
Mel moves into "ropegun" status
Top coil configuration on new pack is a success
A Western Fence Lizard, living fat off the castoffs of modern society. He'll never get a job sticking to these reptilian ideals.
Campsite on top of the world, or at least on top of the reservoir
Returning to our all terrain vehicle
This quiet patch of solitude was aptly identified with an empty tallboy of High Life. Thank you fellow traveler.
Mel demonstrates how to live "la vida escalador"
Backwoods gourmet
A meal worthy of a closeup
Andy and Steph being adorable as usual
Mel goes for a walkabout
That gorgeous view again
Andy and Steph by the fire
Bright and early, back at the rocks
Kevin forgot his bedazzler so he is wearing all this shiny metal bling instead
It's a trad race. Andy beat me.
The boys on the bottom
and the girls on top
Tieton River Valley
Andy emerges victorious once more
Long way down