Time for the San Juans trip, cue the rainbow!
Packing party
We're on vacation!
Oh no, Vacation!?
A toast to not working for four days
Take me with you!
Early morning coffee
On the road again
Loading boats at Washington Park
Blue skies!
Team Yellow
Kevin and Rachel
Tarp throwing - this will prove to be key later on
Boats and logs, gotta get me my boats and logs
Fireside gourmet
Rachel makes camp
Lifesaving tarp
Andy and Clay by the fire
Morning coffee love
Glassy seas this morning
Heading to the Viti Rocks to check out the wildlife
Holy 100 foot wooden boat. They stopped to chat with us for a few.
We packed an Aussie brew for our favorite Tazzy
On the drift
Rachel in a boat cave
Rachel, the island bartender
Cocktail hour on Lummi. Cheers!
I hope they don't ban high capacity magazines such as these
Hanging out on the vista
Great big ships!
Wet caterpillars
Munch, munch
Scotch on the rocks
Succulent blooms on the rocks
Don't feed the bears!
Bellingham across the bay
Andy with his always sunny disposition (even when it's pouring down rain on vacation)
Departure photo
...And the silly one
Lime-a-rida landing
The hunters return with a fresh kill.
The fleet
Andy and Trish go head to head in the chili cookoff
Andy masterfully presents campfire cornbread
Pelican beach
April Iron Chefs a cake from leftover ingredients
We've got the late night munchies but there is no Taco Bell in sight
Rachel and Clay in an epic Light Sabre battle. Use the force!
Hanging out by the campfire
Rachel and April in another kayak cave
Rachel enjoying the float past the Cone Islands
Rest stop on Guemes
Clay paddles past
Home stretch!