Trailer packed, we've got lots of stuff!
First night's camp in Oxbow - Holy darkness batman!
Rigel on the horizon; winter is on it's way!
Early morning inflation
Early morning yoga
600 miles later we're at the putin!
Rigged and ready
Our gear is afloat
Don mans the oars, carrying most of our load and both of the groovers. What a guy.
Our paddleraft, forward
Our paddleraft, aft
Dee didn't stop smiling from the moment we hit water. Actually Dee never stops smiling!
Through Wild Sheep unscathed
Don rows a perfect line behind us
First catch of the day!
Creepies and crwalies and things that go bump in the night
Lower Granite camp
An afternoon scout of the next morning's splash and giggle
Chillin' by the river. What a way to spend a summer evening
Twilight gathering
Monday morning launch
Don styles through Granite
Sue nailed it, look at that smile
Dee still in her element. 99 days on the water this year.
Some flowers for the lady
Graham hooks a big one
A lone tree on the landscape.
Graham rides the bull and guards the bouquet
Impromptu lunchtime
Sunny days are here again
A helmet o' plums
Our lovely kayakers drift by
Moon setting early
Monday night costume party. What else would you do out here?
The fish are jumpin today
Beer is good.
Graham pilots the Salto for a bit
Amy finds her true calling. I can't wait for the raft polo finals!
Don and Tonette
Sunset in the valley
Rachel and Don christen the wellness center
Let the wellness begin
This evening of entertainment brought to you by Sue's palm trees and Pendleton.
Gettin' Low
Lovely ladies being well
Rachel and Kim stalk some wildlife
Good times
Chow time
The wellness center in twilight glow
Time to break out the glow bracelets
A bocce volcano!
"The wellness crater" -or- "The morning after"
Good spot.
It takes a village
Driving out of the canyon
1200 miles of dust on our sexy reading lady