Bruno attempts to stow away with the bags
A drive through torrential rain lands us at the Lava Beds National Monument
Doing a little caving
This will be the grand ballroom
Chocolate walls
Chocolate frosting
Sparkly ceilings
Huge tunnels
This is something out of Indiana Jones. Watch out for the giant rock ball
A snake in the grass
Someone else saw a snake here and wrote about it on the wall
Massive tree roots coming through the rock
It's all mist and rainbows
You never know what you'll find in Reno!
Whoa Nellie!
Packing up to get on trail before the Federal Government shuts down and we can't recreate anymore
All loaded up
Tuolumne River
Rachel is toasty
Our bags are frosty
Mel, "The Sapphire Express"
We've been in this tent for 14 years. Thanks Marmot!
Good cheer all around
Amore... We knew you crazy kids would get together
Boulders boulders everywhere
Atop Mt Lyell
Rounding Evelyn Lake
Clay appreciates an alpine environment
Rad trees. Radical.
Evelyn Lake
High meadow
Fletcher Lake
My favorite tent again, at home in the mountains
Susnet at Vogelsang
Hey guys! Let's go ride bikes!
Across field and meadow
A quick stop to recreate among Tuolumne boulders before it's too late
Rachel finds paradise
Mel shows us how it's done
Brilliant trad lines here, too bad we had to leave...
Do you think it's a breeding pair? Some baby mice whose mouse family we inadvertently adopted, housed and fed in a bear box. They decided to move to Bishop and start a new life around the Owens River
We also went to Bishop
Mel has a birthing experience
We all had different birthing experiences
Rachel directs the comfort station
Clay pulls hard
Rachel gets high
Clay puts on the power
Beautiful patina
Rachel summons the spirit of the crow
Andy sending with style
Steph cranks
Andy in the Happys
Mel goes big
The pad people are back
A quick stop in Lovers Leap to spend the morning with Harvey Wallbanger
A brief visit to the classic Strawberry Lodge
Pinecone and Mistletoe
Keep Tahoe Blue.