Old faithful
Mel and the case of the forgotten tent poles
Getting right to it
On top of the world
Feeding the dogs
Good morning
Good morning!
Mel rocks the SW Corner of Headstone
High, high in the sky
A bit of belaying
El Jimbo meets us at the top
Jtree. Yum.
Headstone Rock
Puppy tourism
Lost in wonderland
Lotsa rocksa
Mel awash
Finally found the "2 foot rock" in the guidebook.
Awesome tree
Valley of fire
Endless trees
Hallway home
A big thanks to Jojo for sharing her site with us
Hello world!
I love gear anchors
Rachel's rock chair
The wild sapphire, yonder
Mel takes the sharp end
Offwidth schmoff-width
Invasive species
Hark, yonder a hexcentric placment
Onbaord booth at HAI. Look at that spiffy carousel
S97 Raider
Guimbal Cabri G2
Jetranger 505X